Wall Street Fiction Is Easier to Take Than Reality

The markets are in such a slump right now, that it’s easier to look at Wall Street through the lens of cinema than to take reality head-on.

Here are some stock-market movies to watch if you can’t take the real thing anymore:

The Wolf of Wall Street. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this biography chronicles the excesses of penny-stock promoter Jordan Belfort during the go-go 90s.

The Big Short. Part documentary, part real-life drama, this Academy Award-winner is based on Michael Lewis’ exposé, which chronicles the players who made a big bet on the market’s decline during the Great Recession.


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Trading Places. An oldie but a goodie. Follow the high jinks of Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd as they set out to corner the futures market on frozen, concentrated orange juice.

American Psycho. Some might struggle to find the humor in this movie, but those with a taste for the macabre will enjoy this cult classic about the dark side of Wall Street. Starring Christian Bale.

Other People’s Money. Danny DeVito plays “Larry The Liquidator ” in a dramedy (with a little romance thrown in) about a corporate raider buying a struggling New England company.

Of course, there’s always Wall Street featuring the infamous Gordon Gekko, famously known for saying, “Greed is good.” Perhaps that notion has been dispelled in our tumultuous times.